Press Release of Product BAFS - 01RH

REGULAR Model [1- Ǿ] of Water Level Controller with One year’s Replacement Guarantee at an affordable Price range of Rs. 5750.00 only.

Bleeper Technology Private Limited is proud to introduce the new Water Level Controller, REGULAR Model [Single Phase With ALL Protection]  as an addition to its AUTOFILL SENSOR product line.

This Product is designed for  simple application [Auto On & Off], & our target Clients will be all domestic mono-block motor users, this AUTOFILL SENSOR as a Device significantly cheaper alternative to conventional daily motor operation.

The new BAFS - 01R Model of AUTOFILL SENSOR  with ONE year’s Replacement Guarantee represents a natural evolution of the Water Level Controller Industry, which will quickly became the industry standard because of its exceptional longevity and  efficiency.

This Model is designed in affordable Price range Rs. 5750.00 plus GST @ 18%, utilizing lighter and more durable components, The new BAFS - 01RH Model of AUTOFILL SENSOR  is able to provide almost twice the longevity of other water level Controllers in its class.

Furthermore, the unconventionally compact design and consequent reduction in material enables the model to be priced 40% cheaper than competing other water level Controllers.

Press Realease Date: 01.04.2014